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The Gadget Show said at the beginning of 2014 that the all mighty PC will die in said year. That prediction, while it didn’t come true in 2014; will come true in the next couple of years. What’s more likely is that PC’s and Tablets will work in tandem with each other. That’s my prediction though, so do take it with a grain of salt. Before you ask, no, this post is not a “Tablets Vs PC” post. For the moment, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Microsoft learned that the hard way with the release of Windows 8. All I want to do is share my experience with the tablet I recently bought to use for my Graphics Design Course (and to play on, of course).

See Gold?

See Gold?

Before we get started, I must point out that the tablet I bought was intentionally small and intentionally cheap. And gold. The tablet in question? It’s an Adspec Adtab7, running Android Kitkat with 1GB of Ram and a 1.3GHz quad core processor. Never heard of Adspec? Until recently, neither have I. They’re a UK seller of cheap, Off-brand tablets, with their logo stuck on them. They seem to be going up in the world too, as they seem to have booked a slot at the aforementioned Gadget Shows Yearly event: Gadget Show Live. (albeit the 2014 edition) Legit? Maybe. Tablet any good? Believe it or not, Yes. The screen is 7 inches, meaning it’s the smallest tablet in my family…bigger isn’t necessarily better. Take note other siblings.

Back of box with QR code to the site, along with a specs sheet.

Back of box with QR code to the site, along with a specs sheet.

As of writing, I’m using my tablet to write this. Not intentionally, my (currently being built) New PC is missing a Power switch, and I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver one. Hence this post. This said, if you’re all seeing this, then my typing isn’t too bad for print. PCMR Problems aside, I acquired a Micro USB Keyboard for my tablet in order to make workflow faster. That’s not to say typing on the touch keyboard is bad. It’s good for a few sentences or googling things, but for work, I stand no chance.

Speaking of Googling things, because it has Android KitKat under it’s belt, Google Now works. And works wonders. Paired with the free app; Commandr, I can ask Google to open apps, turn on night mode and a few other time saving things. I don’t like however, the way you launch Google Now (Swipe up from the home button), which obstructed my actual work. The joys of switching from the 3DS’s Resistive Touchscreen to my Tablet’s Capacitive Touchscreen. I’m simply not used to how sensitive the tablet is. That’s my fault, not the tablet…

Now, I don’t need a pie chart to tell you how many people use a Tablet for productivity and how many use it for Gaming purposes. The latter is the most wanted, that’s the tablet’s selling point at the moment. I downloaded a few Games to keep me going, like Jetpack Joyride, Riptide GP2 & Glow Hockey, as well as a few Emulators, MyBoy! (GBA Emulator) and Mupen64AE (N64 Emulator). No matter what I ran on my Tablet, my device chugged along rather nicely. The price for good games? Battery life and camera suckiness. Yeah, My tablet has an extremely bad battery (3000mAh for the nerds), which i suspect is to keep the costs down. Same story with the camera’s. The front was grainy everywhere, and, while I managed to take a few good photo’s with the back camera, it’s definitely not for the pro’s.

Much to my surprise, my Tablet also came pre-rooted!, meaning that I could do screen recordings and mess around with the internal files all I want. I’ll keep you posted when I have more tablet/ PC rants =).


The tablet & it's rather nice box

The tablet & it’s rather nice box

Side of the box

Side of the box

Front (has a magnet to keep the box nice and secure...feels nice too!)

Front (has a magnet to keep the box nice and secure…feels nice too!)


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