Don’t Starve: A Review

It was only quite recently that RTS games got my attention. I remember this quite well, given that it was earlier this July. My intentions were to sift through my games library on my Wii and GameCube (and Steam, eventually), and at least play the games I had acquired throughout the past couple of years. One of those games was Pikmin. Bare with me on this.

Okay, The idea of the game is that, as briefly and as vague as possible; you are Olimar, you crash your ship into planet, you befriend little Pikmin to help you recover parts from your crashed ship. End of story. While you go about using your Pikmin using strategic moves, you have a clock counting down the hours until Darkness arrives. When darkness approaches, you need to get back to your ship and sleep. and you do this for 12 days. That’s the Real Time Strategy part. Similarly, Don’t Starve is based on the same fundamental concept.

Purty Wilson

Purty Wilson

You goal is to survive a randomly generated world without Starving. Or going Insane. Or just generally dying. While there is no end aim in Don’t Starve, all you have to do is keep surviving with what you can find. It appeals to the kind-of Caveman instinct inside all of us. Don’t Starve then, is the goal. This goal is remarkably hard to achieve de solo, and gets even harder when the hounds are released upon you. To help you, you can create spears, axes, fishing rods and shovels, with the aid of Idea (and Alchemy) Machines, in order to fend off the Beastie’s, put wood on the fire, fish for food and, well, shovel dirt.


Anyone for a Campfire song?

While Don’t Starve will take an age for me to complete, I can at least play the multiplayer beta version; Don’t Starve Together, without dying hopelessly on the 12th day. I will fully admit to playing this version for a lot longer than I did with the original game. I did manage to grab a key for it in the 2014 Steam Winter Sales – plus a second to give away, which was nice. The game feels much more interactive when you have 2 Wilsons running about the place, even more so with Steam Chat enabled.


Spooky Ghost...Robot

The game’s art style intrigues me, as it looks to have a very rough feel to it, akin to the game itself. Do I recommend this game. Hell Yeah. This game is an indie title that’s lives up to Steam’s constant promotion and sale strategy hype. Just get rid of those wolves and we’ll be OK…


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