3DS Homebrew is Now Live! – Requires an obscure game though…

UPDATE: The latest 2 system updates from Nintendo partially blocks Ninjax. If you are interested in getting 3DS homebrew, DO NOT UPDATE. Stick with firmware 4.0x – 9.2.0-x. The 9.3.0-21 Update patches an exploit used in Ninjax!

Yesterday marked the momentus occasion that proper 3DS Homebrew came to the 3DS. Like, for real. It has taken three years for hackers like Smea to crack the near-flawless 3DS. Took you long enough…

The reason why Nintendo made the 3DS hard to crack was because of the abysmally low Pirate- reduction technologies inside the DS or the DS Lite. In fairness, the DSi does come with (and, so far as I know, still ongoing) updateable firmware, which blocks flash carts, the main way to booting up pirated roms. Understandably, Nintendo wised up and made the 3DS the gaming equivalant of Fort Knox when It came to hacking the system. Many-a browser exploit has been squashed and DS-Mode exploits have all been patched, all because they work on the 3DS’s firmware with no game in the system. This exploit, aptly called “NinjHax” uses a certain game called “Cubic Ninja” to bypass the firmware, much like the Wii Exploit; “Smash Stack”. Both sharing the ways on how they work, both self-explanatory as to what game is needed to run them.


Those lucky to pick up a copy, or already have the game required to run homebrew on the 3DS, can go HERE to download the exploit and whatnot. The game in question is by publisher Ubisoft, and since the Exploits release to the outside nether-regions of the Internet, sales of Cubic Ninja have made it into as close as #28 of Amazons “Best-selling Games” list. As a result, finding a copy, especially in the UK, is hard to come by. CEX is charging an astonishing £60 (roughly $90) for a Used copy, and Ebay isn’t much better. Amazon has all but sold out of the rather obscure game, and for good reason. The studio who created the game no longer exists…

If you’re thinking that there’s little homebrew to run on the 3DS at the moment, then you’d be partly right. While homebrew on the 3DS was near-impossible on the latest firmware, there exists a 3DS emulator, compiled by developers fore debugging and creating homebrew applications. And before you ask, no, It can’t play ROMS. Currently, there are a few emulators, like NES, Game Boy Color and even a Work-In-Progress Virtual Boy Emulator!

Still no GBA emulator though =(

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