Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS Review

Super Smash Bros. is a rare game for Fans of the franchise, in that the franchise doesn’t have a fixed schedule on when to release new games. For those living under a rock, Super Smash Bros. is the Brainchild of Masahiro Sakurai [Mass-a-hero Sack-oo-rye], in which it was conceived to be the biggest fan service to Nintendo fans the world over. The premise of the game is to basically pummell the living daylights out of your favourite Nintendo-Console-Based Characters, while in turn trying to NOT get knocked out (or KO’d) off of the stage yourself.

Dog Attack!

I hate that damn dog.

Brief History Time!: Smash Bros. originally premiered on the N64, back in 1999, and was one of the best-selling games for that system.  2 years later (3 years for Europe!) Smash Bros. Melee was made for the Gamecube, which improved the graphics significantly, the fighting style was improved upon and had more characters, 14 more to be precise. A Full SEVEN Years later, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released for the Wii, and, as well as the usual graphical updates, it improved on the character (and stage) roster once more, adding Snake and Sonic The Hedgehog, among others.

Whoa, Watch it!

Whoa, Watch it!

Then something interesting happens. Due to the nature of the game being fast paced and graphically intense, the game was never released for Handhelds, and so was never released for the GBA and the DS for those reasons. That changed in Late 2013, when an E3 trailer showed the game being made available for the Wii U, which we were all expecting, and…the Nintendo 3DS. Not only is it the first Handheld to house Smash as a platform, but the first to allow you to play smash on the move, and in 3D, a dream for many-a-Nintendo Fan.

Ok, You’re all caught up now. So, as you’re now aware, Smash Games don’t hit the shelves very often. It’s like the gaming series equivalent of a One night Special, which only resides on February 30th, and so there is a Hype train following Suit.

The fear for most fans of the Smash Bros. Franchise would be that the 3DS version wouldn’t look very good, given it’s on a Nintendo Handheld, reputable for not having very good graphics. I can confirm however, that this is not the case. Astonishingly, it plays smoothly and there are no lag spikes in-game. This does come at a cost however; You can’t use Miiverse and you can’t browse the internet while it’s “paused” on the Home screen. The reason for this is the same reason why Titanfall for the Xbox 360 says “Optimising HD Content” at the start. It’s a RAM hog, which basically means the game is squeezing the graphical juices out of the 3DS, for the best performance and quality. Hence no lag spikes or blurred gameplay.


Smash 3DS, like every smash game before it, improves on the Character Roster, adding more well-known faces from other franchises, like Pac-Man, Shulk, Dr. Mario (yes, really!) and Duck Hunt Duo. While I recognise that most of these characters are welcome to the franchise, I dislike some of the choices. For one thing, the aforementioned Dr. Mario is essentially a reskin of the regular Mario. The same goes for Pit and Dark Pit, which the latter is just Pit, only with darker clothing and a different Final Smash.

HNI_0019Unlike Brawl, There are only 34 stages in the 3DS version, compared to 41 in Brawl, 28 in Melee, and 15 in the original Smash Bros. .That being said, Nintendo have teased that DLC could come to the 3DS version of the game, there’s even a “Mewtwo Confirmed for Smash Bros.” DLC coming in 2015 for both the 3DS and Wii U. So watch this space…

The 3DS, unlike it’s console counterparts, has support for Auto-Stereoscopic 3D. That means it can display 3D visuals without the need for fancy 3D glasses. This game uses the 3D on a level that I’ve never seen before. The game adds visual depth to the stages, while also allowing for characters to be KO’s and splatted onto the same 3D screen at the same time, proving, for once in 3D’s Life, 3D gaming is nowhere near dead for the 3DS, and It’s well worth the £40 pricetag for that experience.

Popcorn Anyone?

Popcorn Anyone?

The Online and Local play is a blast to have a go at. If you have a solid internet connection, then the Nintendo Network functionality is…er..functional. If you don’t have the best internet connection in the world, then get ready for Brawl’s Online Play all over again… Lag filled matches and slowdowns are a real possibility still. Local play doesn’t suffer much Lag, so long as you have your phone using WiFi, not 3G or 4G, as that can cause the odd- side effect.

Final Verdict

The 3DS is not the most powerful handheld on the Market, that accolade goes to the PS Vita, but it doesn’t mean it can’t have a game that has graphical fidelity the same as, if not better, than Smash Bros Melee. In itself, the fact that Smash 3DS is on the 3DS is mind-blowing for me. And I hope to waste away the hours for many years to come when it comes to this game…



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