The Wii WFC Alternatives

The Nintendo WFC, or WiFi Connection, for the Wii has been offline since May 30th 2014. Since then, us Wii Homebrew developers have worked around the clock to get Custom servers to work. And we did it. It’s entirely possible to play the most popular games for the Wii on custom WFC servers. As of writing, there are 2 base camps for WFC servers. The first being AltWFC, in which it’s developers started the idea of aggregating WFC data before it shut down, in order to learn about how the WFC works,. And therefore copy it’s actions and protocols. It’s also the only one of the Two servers to officially support DS games.

The other server is called Wiimmfi [Wii-emm-eff-ee], a custom server designed to replace mainly the Wii’s WFC, but can be used for DS gameplay too, but it’s not supported outside of the testing phase. This second server is much more developed, and better supported by the community. If you happen to have Mario Kart Wii, then you can install a piece of Homebrew software called the “CTGP Channel”, which is a Custom Track distribution, that allows players to play Custom Tracks, and Normal Tracks, Online. It also does away with the Battle mode on the CT side of things, and is replaced with Countdown Races.

As of typing, any other Wii game requires a Patcher program, such as Brainslug or the the WFC patcher (based on Brainslug), both are homebrew programs for the Wii. You have to do this for games like Mario Strikers Charged Football, Animal Crossing City Folk/ Let’s Go To The City and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

So how good are the servers? They are modest replacements, and both servers work very well. The games, even unofficially supported ones, work well on both servers. Mario Kart Wii obviously works the best, but no games currently has stats or extra features. Smash Bros. Brawl also poses some problems. The PAL version doesn’t seem to connect to anyone online, but you CAN play against your friends online…. which is odd.

If you’re willing to unlock you Wii from Nintendo’s Wii-chain, and dabble in basic homebrew, then it’s certainly worth using. 01010000 01100101 01100001 01100011 01100101

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