The 3DS’s Graphical Quality Not quite a Gamecube…but close.

The 3DS is known for having a plethora of games for the platform. It’s also known for having games that look very, very good. Not PS Vita good, I admit, but still pretty darn good. Games Like Luigi’s Mansion 2* , Animal Crossing: New Leaf , and Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Bros.* all look pretty decent. Seriously, look below:

Luigi and Toad are best Buds

Nintendo Knows What’s Up


See? They are nice to look at. Now any respecting game reviewer/ writer will likely tell you that the 3DS has lots of graphical similarities to the Gamecube. Heck, from what I can see, even the models look quite smooth . Luigi’s Mansion 2* pokes fun at the 3DS’s own limitations, and the assets used were deliberately tacky. The red coins in-game had 8 sides. Actually, anything that’s round has prominent sides added to it. Don’t go thinking that Luigi in this game is either. He isn’t. He really does look like as if he was ported directly from Mario Kart Wii to the 3DS itself.

It’s generally agreed within the Nintendo community that the console in question has the hardware rendering skills that are slightly below what the Gamecube can do, but much better than the N64’s capabilities. It’s also in that weird situation that plagues Handheld games. Some games look better than others. Speedx 3D looks better than Steel Diver Sub Wars, Luigi’s Mansion 2* looks better than Super Mario 3D Land, and Starfox 64 3D looks better than Doodle Jump.

Rather weirdly (and annoyingly for me) ,Nintendo didn’t release a Super Mario platformer for the gamecube, so I cannot compare New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) to whatever the gamecube would’ve had, because such a gamecube game doesn’t, and never did, exist. I can however, lucky for me, compare another Nintendo series that started on the gamecube (well, here in the west anyway), and that series would be that of Animal Crossing, the game that inspired Facebook games, and the game that had it’s own Virtual Console, in a sense…

If you look at Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Leaf (henceforth shortened to AC and ACNL respectively, for the sakes of me not getting RSI via the Keyboard.), you can immediately tell that the game looks aesthetically, and almost graphically, the same.  The only difference being is that, the model of the villager/ mayor has less polygons (IE, more jagged edges) in AC. In ACNL, the newer technology of the 3DS essentially removes most of that on the small** screen, with the lack of polygons only showing up on certain villagers, and, more notably, K.K Slider/ DJ K.K. The game’s sky has gone for a more realistic approach, with the clouds being a bit fluffier on ACNL, than on AC.

The fire in ACNL looks like fire, much like the Starfox 64 3D port has rocks that look like rocks. You have to remember though, while it FEELS like a gamecube, it isn’t. To be worthy of such a title, it’d have to look good*** on a much bigger screen. To be fair though, I’ve seen 3DS capture board footage, and the result is, is that the models have rough detailing around and inside, the models.

You could argue that the 3DS has newer, more reliable, technology, and that’s true. But it’s that newer tech which makes it look, and feel like a Gamecube in your pocket.

That’s it really. Dribbles out!



*Ahem…UK based, remember?

**well, small-ish on the 3DSXL, and the soon-to-be-released New 3DS XL.

***or as good as the Gamecube will ever look

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