Wii Hacking Project: True 480p Mario Kart Wii.

What do you mean by “True 480p”?. Well, let me explain….

The Wii’s maximum resolution is 480p. However, unlike most other consoles, the textures, models and such other stuff do not change that much when you select this mode. All the Wii does is change the framerate from 30-40fps to 60fps. Mario Kart Wii, however is a bit different even by this rule. The Kart and character models are 360p, like it or not, but the tracks are very High Quality, given it’s on hardware that’s a beefed up Gamecube, essentially. This gives me an idea. If the Wii can do High quality tracks, then why not make the tracks even more higher quality. Though not all tracks will be affected:

Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit – Not much can be changed here…if at all.
Moo Moo Meadows – The cows you see wandering on the track will be wandering on the track and the fields on the sides. The cows will also have a bit of a HQ model upgrade too. The tree’s in the field will be replaced with 3D models of said trees.
Mushroom Gorge – Gonna make it as close to the 3DS Remake as possible.
Toads Factory – Surprisingly, there’s not much I can do here but animate the cogs at the start of the track. Failing that, I’ll make the item boxes a bit better…

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit – Asides from the passer-by watchers models being revamped, I don’t see much I can do…
Coconut Mall – Minor texture changes, that’s all.
DK’s Snowboard Cross – Nothing to change here!
Wario’s Gold Mine – Change the pipes to an actual circle, not a screw circle. I’ll make the cave much more like a Cave by texturing the cave to have a much more realistic cave feel. And crystals and gold holes…

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit – Make a High Quality Daisy Cruiser model. That’s it really =/
Koopa Cape – Like Mushroom Gorge, I’ll follow the improvements made in the 3DS Version. Which is basically textures and model improvement…
Maple Treeway – Make the first round of the OOB (Out Of Bounds) Tree’s into models instead of blatantly flat images…. I’ll also improve the Mesh jumpy wind thing’s texture. Because it’s horrible!
Grumble Volcano – Gonna make the Volcano spew Lava out, much like the Wii U Version…

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins – Not gonna change anything. I hate desert tracks.
Moonview Highway – To be fair, the tree’s in the OOB area near the 5th corner are low quality for a reason…. But i’m replacing that with a few tree models. Like, maybe three or 4…
Bowser’s Castle – Nothing to change but the outside background (which is rarely visible anyway!)
Rainbow Road – …Not much to change.

Note how I’m copying changes from the 3DS Version. The reason? Well, It turns out the 3DS has similar specs to a GameCube, in terms of Graphical capabilities. I’ll be looking at that soon, by the way.

About Filmic James

A Youtuber who spends his time drawing and making 10 minute loops.
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