Netflix On The Wii: Not As Bad As You Think

With the Wii suddenly becoming a bit out of sync with the next generation, it’s been held ransom to online DVD providers, such as Love Film and NETFLIX. With something to review, I decided to review Netflix, partly because I had it anyway on my phone, and partly because I’ve heard that it’s very good, even on the Wii. Well Yes. Yes it is.

Netflix is very similar to Love Film in the sense that you get TV Programmes and Films (albeit not as many as LOVE Film) streamed over the internet, and you pay £6 monthly. For £6 a month, it’s not too expensive, making it better value than if you were to buy a physical copy of said DVD, or TV boxset. There are a limited range of TV Programmes (licensing issues, apparently) and mainly contain old BBC Programmes and some of the more popular US drama’s. No NCIS, which I found really disappointing. Lovefilm also get the films first, then Netflix get’s them.

Asides from the lack of choice, the interface of the Wii’s app is very similarly designed of that of other devices that it supports. The interface does make it look like it was designed for the Wii’s Wii Remote and I’ve had no problems with loading speeds of the streams so far. However, in stream is a bit different. For some reason, unbeknownst to anyone but Netflix, the stream lags 10 minutes into just about anything you watch. The video Lag disappears a few minutes later, though this could be the case of the video pre-buffering while it’s playing, similar to what YouTube does on it’s dedicated mobile app, website, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U apps when it pre-buffers a video. This isn’t too much of an annoyance as it comes and goes (and depends on your internet connection) without trouble.

The streaming of both the BBC Programmes are automatically transmitted in 480i, unless you choose 480p in the Wii’s settings, even in 576i Mode. The difference is very substantial and there wasn’t much pixelation on the video at all. It was literally like watching a programme Live on the TV. You couldn’t probably even tell the difference. That being said, the stream quality is a hell of a lot better than that of the dedicated BBC i Player app for the Wii, which pixelates randomly for unknown reasons.

This is an app that is definitely worth you £6. Like the ads say, it’s compatible on every device going (PS3, Wii, Wii U (and therefore Wiimode), Xbox 360, Any Android 2,3+ phone and iOS) and, though the range of programmes are limited. By the time you finish a series, Netflix will probably will have something new to watch…

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