How To Fix The Wii Mini

In case you’ve not seen it, The Wii Mini is a revision of the Wii, which is more appealing for it’s looks, rather than it’s features. It has No Internet Capabilities, No SD Card Slot, No Gamecube Compatability and No Save Transfers. Which is kinda shameful. For £70, it does however, come with a Wiimote Plus and Nunchuck In Red. That’s a plus I suppose. Retailing only in Canada and the UK for $99 and £70 respectively. Though, It’s not impossible to fix at least some of these errors.

The Wii Mini and what it comes with (UK and Canada only =p)

The Wii Mini and what it comes with (UK and Canada only =p)

1. Manufacturer A Wii Mini System Update Disk

It feels to me Nintendo will have this on the firmware. Because bugs can occur, and hacking The Wii Mini, though unlikely, is plausible. For this reason, They could manufacture System update disks to revive some of the features of the Wii. They did this for the Wii for those who didn’t have internet access anyway), so it’s not unreasonable for Nintendo to implement this. System settings for the USB Network adapter, restoring the Photo Channel with USB instead of SD card compatibility and you could even “trick” Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kirby’s Epic Yarn to read (and save) screenshots to the USB Port via flash storage. The Homebrew Loader, “Riivolution” has been proven to confuse games to read custom patches of code from both the USB Port/ SD Card and the Wii Disk, so it’s not exactly Rocket science. I hope. All you would have to do is modify the disk loader to run a patch to tell certain games to read the USB Port, NOT the SD Card (as it doesn’t exist). And, if they really wanted to, they could patch Smash Stack in the process.

2. Internet Settings

Though it’s impossible to connect to you home Wifi to the Wii Mini, because of the dis Nintendo_Wii_Lan_Adapterinclusion of a Wifi Network Card, the USB Network adapter has appropriate Network hardware built in, so you can, in theory, run a USB Network Adaptor off of the Wii Mini. All you would need to do is run said firmware update through a disk to reinstall Network settings. The Wii would then load the Network adaptor through USB, and connect to the internet. Simples =). Even better, system updates can then be sent through Wiiconnect 24.



3. USB Dock support

With all this talk of USB ports, Nintendo can also make support for those cheapy 4-port USB connectors. Considering you’ll be using it for more than one thing at a time, this is a good idea. Especially in Brawl, when you want to save screenshots and play on the WFC Later.

So that’s basically how Nintendo could (if they REALLY wanted to) fix the Wii Mini. All of this is entirely plausible. And it could also be more advanced than that of the normal Wii. At this time, It’s not appealing to anyone but 7 year olds, and even then, they probably want to play on Mario Kart Wii online with their friends.


Disclaimer: This IS NOT a guide to replace any Wii Mini parts.

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