Devolution: The Wii U Gamecube Loader

The Wii U is in a tricky situation at them moment, with noone buying it for it’s real purpose. Playing Games. Some using it for web browsing, Miiverse, Netflix, Lovefilm, and some have resorted to Homebrew developemnt….in Wiimode.

Although the Wii U hasn’t been hacked (technically), the WiiMode on the Wii U Has, With Riivolution and the Homebrew Channel running successfully in Wiimode, with very Little Nintendo could do about it.

They (Nintendo) initially stumped homebrew developers by patching the only Wii menu exploit left standing; Letterbomb (which, by the way, still works on ANY Nintendo Wii). They patched it up and for a whole day, nobody was able to load any homebrew via this method. Then, someone was able to run the oldest exploit on WiiMode. Smash Stack. It’s currently one of 5 other exploits which work on the Wii U, but not on the WiiMode Menu. Instead, you have to have a legal copy of a corresponding game to bypass the Wiimode Menu completely and run unsigned code. Though Smashstack is the easiest to setup, and is preferred. Back to the topic in hand.

After that brief history lesson, Devolution is an application which allows for Gamecube Games to run on the Wii U via WiiMode on the Wii U (and therefore, on the Wii). It has only 3 requirements:

  1. Homebrew Channel has to be installed
  2. You need a Wiimote Classic Controller+Wiimote/ Gamecube Controller
  3. An original Legal disk copy of the game you want to play on for verification + a ripped ISO of the same said game.

You then install Devolution via SD card and HBC, then run it. Though not pretty to look at, it’s certainly functional. The loader allows for Memory card emulation and Gamecube Controller Mapping as standard. You can then select Run and you insert the game, wait for verification to finish, then remove the game disk, and let the ISO do the rest. After verification, the game does not need the disk anymore and you can just load the ISO every time.

I can’t see Nintendo making a HUGE fuss over this, as it’s not illegal. It’s also pretty useful if you have the Wii Family Edition, the God-Awful Wii Mini, which removes gamecube compatibility altogetherIt’s

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