Mario Kart 7 Character opinions

Now, for some of you out there, Mario Kart 7 is a fantastic game. It really is. I own it and i waste many hours playing it. However, there’s one thing that bugs me. The character selections. They’re a bit odd, compared to other Mario Kart games in the series. In this post, i’ll be reviewing the choice of character and why it was chosen….possibly.

16 characters in all. That 4 more than that of the DS and 16 less than the Wii.

Well, it certainly wouldn’t be Mario Kart Without him, now would it? Another thing these games provide is the chance to hear some of the voice edits they’ve added to the game. Mario gets several new sayings, and that goes for most of the other characters as well…

Like Mario, he’s a returning face in Mario Kart, and boasts new voice clips too. How he isn’t much quicker than Mario is beyond me…

One of the two princesses on the Mario Kart roster, she isn’t too much of a princess when on the track, if you ever get to play as her. That being said, her character graphics are fantastic.

Once more he returns! He has a slightly different palette of voices for the character, and his nose looks fantastic. All that will be shown off on Yoshi Island 3DS next year…ish.

Enemy of Mario and Luigi. That’s it really.

Donkey Kong
The ape who can drive seems to have a pointy head, much like Donkey Kong on Mario Kart Wii…and he’s still wearing his signature tie, which has been confusing us for around 30 years or so…

Assistants to anyone and a average character, it’s the smallest character there next to Lakitu. No Toadette, which is a bit sad =(

Koopa Troopa
Originally debuting in Mario Kart: Double Dash: he looks as good as ever, and more shiny too.

Hi, I’m Daisy. Not really, i’m just messin’ with ya! Like Koopa Troopa, she returns from Mario Kart: Double Dash and is as annoying and as feisty as ever. Thankfully, she doesn’t say that stupid line in-game.

One half of the bad boys of Nintendo. Wario seems to be an OK character, being in every Mario Kart Game since Mario Kart 64, but it’s weird not seeing Waluigi there to accompany him….

Returning from Mario Kart Wii, she returns in Mario Kart 7 as an understandable character selection. She even has her own track in Mario Kart 7, unlike the god-awful Rainbow Road from Mario Kart Wii, which was based on Super Mario Galaxy….

Metal Mario
Um, i’m not quite sure what to say about this character. The fact that it isn’t even a real character or the fact that it’s just a lazy palette swap from SSBB.

Shy Guy
The character of choice by default on local play, and an odd duck at that.

Honey Queen

This seems to be a slightly better choice than Honey queen, as Wigglers tend to appear in the Super Mario series more often. Though his/her flailing arms, high-pitched voice and waving arms do get annoying. That being said, in keeping in the tradition of when he get’s hit by someone/something, he turns red and hoots like a train, now that’s just off-putting and awesome at the same time…

The character who has appeared in all of the Mario Kart Games, yet never been playable. He even has his own personality, and is quicker than toad, despite being smaller. I wanna see more of him.

What’s weird is that none of the baby character variations were to be seen. not even on tracks. I missed them, even if they cried alot. Especially Baby Luigi.

*Not sure what to say here. I think they ran out of idea’s and totally forgot about Waluigi. This is not a good sign for him…

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