3DS Piracy Unlocked

Oh my. It seems that a company called Gateway has made the very first flash cart for the 3DS. This means that pirated games can be played on a 3DS with only a computer and the device. You can view the video below of it being used on a 3DS XL.

Fake or not, it seems real, so I really hope Nintendo patch it when it comes out in the future. Big question, How does it work?

Essentially the flash cart is a shell for a Micro SD card which tricks the 3DS into thinking that the SD card is the legit game cart. By putting the ROM onto the SD card, and the SD card into the shell, you’ve essentially created a copy of a retail game in which the 3DS recognises as a legitamate game.

Thankfully, by the demonstration point of view at least, it won’t enable homebrew, as it’s designed to play games 1:1, not run unsigned code. This also means that the pesky region lock is immortal too, for the same reason. Gateway claims that it’ll run on both the 3DS and the 3DSXL (which isn’t surprising really as they essentially are the same).

What do you think? Should the 3DS be open to homebrew or not? (so long as it’s under control, but that’s my opinion)

About Filmic James

A Youtuber who spends his time drawing and making 10 minute loops.
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