Xbox One: Why?

…Because Microsoft can, that’s why. Yes, the Xbox One, the new console from Microsoft, set to be in the homes of gamers across the land by the end 2013. However, don’t start crowding outside stores yet, as you may be put off with some of the new features.

The Xbox One (not to be confused with the original Xbox) is a console which looks like a VCR player, or a really beefed up DVD player. Seriously, it’s damn ugly. Some even suggested that the Gamecube looks better than that of the Xbox One. And the Gamecube was Purple. PURPLE.

No Backwards Compatability. No Xbox 360 support whatsoever so far as we know. Unlike the Wii U, which is FULLY Backwards compatible with the Wii. That being said, Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Nintendo.

Fee For Borrowing Games: Supposedly, you’ll have to pay a fee to play games around a friends. And it’s not just a fiver either, it’s the RRP of the game itself. That should ward off even some hardcore Xbox Fans. According to Microsoft, this somehow doesn’t apply to pre-owned, or second hand, games. We’re not sure how either…

Microsoft seems to be a money hog, rather than a business.

It’s not surprising then, that after the launch of the Xbox One Announcement, Wii U sales went up 875%, with the PS3 sales going up 224% and Xbox 360 sale (for the first time in 360’s history) started going down substantially. The Wii U’s sale number is massive, and, to be honest, i’m not surprised. The Wii U will be the cheap next-gen console that everyone’s favouring to buy. Partly because of the other companies reluctant and, rather depressing, launches and that it only costs the same as the Wii when that was brand new (which was around £200/ $250, including wii sports, of course).

The Xbox team have their work cut out if they want their media centre to succeed. ’cause that’s what it is. It’s no longer a console. It’s just probably going to be £450 of stuff you could buy separately….oh wait. You can’t buy an Xbox One just to play It’s own games, can you? That would defeat Microsoft’s logic of retailing. They’re wasting too much time with the extra features and not enough time on the gaming itself. No wonder the Wii U’s sale prices have rocketed, even if it’s not got a wealthy library of games yet.


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