The Wii’s Limited Life…..

The Nintendo Wii is now becoming a console too old for it’s own market. Nobody  but Nintendo want’s to cancel it. Well, Nintendo haven’t stopped production, they’ve stopped some of the online functionality for the Wii.You can STILL play online on games such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but you can’t do the following:

  1. Send and receive messages on your Wii from other consoles (Excluding the messages from games and Nintendo Themselves)
  2. Forecast Channel Won’t work =(
  3. Nintendo Channel Won’t Work
  4. In short, ANY default Wii Channel that comes with the Wii.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE Wii shop channel and the Photo Channel (on the count the Wii U uses the Wii shop channel and that the photo channel doesn’t use the internet). It’s sad to see these channels go, as i like the Forecast channel. and i leave you with this:

“In the UK, It’s currently Moon” – Chadderz, Wii and Wii U Hacker.

About Filmic James

A Youtuber who spends his time drawing and making 10 minute loops.
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