Dribbleondo’s Greatest Gaming Music 2011 (Thursday 29th December 2011)

2011 has seen us the launch of the 3DS, the Viewing of the Wii U and the arrival of the music that has to accompany all those games. This list is MY choice and the music doesn’t necessarily come from 2011, it can come from any point from 1980 to the present day. Here is the list of my favaourite’s (and in reverse order too):

8: Tetris Theme Song (Tetris – Released 1984/ 1986- 2010)

This song is quite literally addictive to listen to, and i will keep on listening to it. Though annoying from some peoples ears, that hasn’t stopped people making loops for 10 hours of the same song over and over and over….. 

7. Toads Factory (Mario Kart Wii – Released 2008)

This was my favourite piece of music from Mario Kart by far, simply because instead of playing on the track, i just kept losing deliberatly to listen to the music. it has a beat you can dance along to quite easily. That’s said though, it isn’t greatly appreciated when i dance to it on my MP3 player in front of my family… 

6. Final Fantasy XIII Final Boss Born Anew/ Orphan (Final Fantasy XIII – Released 2009/ 2010)

Though it has 2 titles (depending on where you live), doesn’t mean it’s different to any other music from the previous Final Fantasy Games. It’s just as Epic and i can’t resist mouthing the latin lyrics in time to the music. I swear when they do the translation for the lyrics into latin, they deliberately put in words that us English can understand. Speaking of riduclous Latin Lyrics…

5. Bowsers Battle Chorus (Super Mario Galaxy – Released 2008)

…This tops them all. Final Fantasy XIII may had someone shouting “GIVE ME COFFEE FOR THE HORSE, NO NO NOOOW!” in their song, Super Mario Galaxy’s Battle Chorus lyrics encourages you to wash you hands at eat popcorn ( though not at the same time). Like everything in life, this song has its own parody of someone washing their hands to the epic music created by Konji Kondo. Well done sir.

4. Super Smash Bros.Brawl Opening Theme (Super Smash Bros.Brawl – Released 2008)

When you open up Super Smash Bros.Brawl, you know the game is about fighting, and therefore, will have awesome music anyway, but the opening theme is something else…The opening of the game greets you with ALL the chracters in the game and their moves in action. Though you can’t actually play the music whilst playing any brawls, its still fun to listen too. 

3. 8-Bit Super Mario Theme (Super Mario Bros – Released 1985)

This theme is most recognisable theme from video game in the world. ’nuff said.

2. Beat Blocks Galaxies “Step to the beep” Music ( Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Released 2010)

Though a short galaxy, its still very catchy, as you HAVE to listen to it to “step to the beep” of the level, and survive long enough to grab the star…. trust me, its annoying, but its SOOO catchy. tick, tick, tick, CHANGE!

1. New Super Mario Bros.Wii Final Boss Phase 2 ( New Super Mario Bros.Wii – Released 2009)

Bowser has been known for his Epic Music With Battling With Mario, but this takes the whole of peach’s cake. Strangely satisfying to listen to and it sounds like it should belong at the end of the world, not at the end of a boss in which Bowser is bigger than you…..oh right, yeah.I think that qualifies as the end of the world… 

Let Me know what you think of my selection via comments. I hope i did well. thanks for reading!

About Filmic James

A Youtuber who spends his time drawing and making 10 minute loops.
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